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Mut 21 coins: The 10 Greatest"The 50" Cards In Ultimate Team

EA did an unbelievable job with promotions this season, despite some glaring problems with franchise style. Their"The 50" promotion introduced fifty special cards to Madden 21 Ultimate Team. Gamers can update the fresh cards to make a 90+ rated piled card. Nearly every piled"The 50" card is good, but you will find ten that stand out as the best to utilize in MUT 21.

Beneath, these top ten"The 50" cards are ranked from worst to best. Every one of those cards earned their ranking based on relevant position stats, worth for coins, in addition to versatility. Players may be surprised from the cards that end up at the bottom of the list.

Julius Peppers is a gigantic, strong, and aware defensive end with endless upsides. The only stat that lets him down is his subpar speed. Ranking at only at 86, lots of players higher on this list can outrun this particular card.

However, Peppers make up for his slow stride with deflections and operate defense. While the card is a superb choice to choose, defensive ends can only make so much of an impact in Madden 21.

Rodgers is amazing with Gunslinger equipped. The Packers legend includes all the essential stats for a successful quarterback in MUT 21.

However, he'd rank high in the record when the card has a bit more speed. Cheap Madden nfl 21 coins Quarterbacks need to have a rate stat of least 80 rate to outrun defensive linemen and purchase time on play action passes. Rodgers is an wonderful player, however, the card is only slightly too slow to produce the top of the list.