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As for other notable expectations according to this simulation, there are not a lot of different surprises. The Philadelphia 76ers are expected to face the Nets in the Eastern Conference Finals while NBA 2K Coins the Lakers are planned to square up against the Los Angeles Clippers at the Western Conference. Considering the Heat were in the Finals per year ago and the Nuggets are missing one of the star players due to trauma, even this result expectation isn't all that shocking.

Throughout the years, NBA 2K has attempted to be as realistic as possible when it comes to simulating the feel of genuine basketball and the NBA season. With game modes such as MyCareer or even MyNBA (previously MyGM or even MyLeague), participant evaluations and stats are all crucial. NBA 2K21 regularly updates the ratings of its players during the entire year to match player performances. Player score changes take everything into consideration, from poor off-season performances (which could cause evaluations to plummet) into the hottest NBA matches.

From the launch of NBA 2k21 on current-gen consoles up to the past couple of games of the NBA season, NBA 2K developers have been required to correct the overall evaluations of novice players and breakout All-Stars alike. Even though the rating process isn't always ideal (and sometimes makes no sense), the ratings are adjusted to attempt to correctly resemble the players' real-life counterparts and what sort of seasons they're having. The system has treated some players far better than others.

Stephen Curry has just gone up by two points in his overall evaluation, but that small increase joins him with 2k21 mt for sale Lebron James for the title of best player in the sport. Curry started off by shattering his career-high in points, afterwards having a historical streak of games in which he made over ten three-point shots in each.