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Combine the classic UGG boot with the ease of a slipper in this classic combo from Shop UGG Sneakers. The Neumel boot is great for both in the house and going out in the cold, as it features a rubber sole and suede upper with wool lining on the inside. The slippers come in classic colors as well, including chestnut, espresso and black or more fun options with a wine red or a moss green.


Ugg has also refreshed its men?s collection by pursuing high-fashion collaborations. UGG Sneakers For Sale It has worked with utility-minded New York designer Heron Preston, on waterproof ?urban tech? pull-on boots, and bicoastal indie-darlings Eckhaus Latta, on a curious square-toed boot. Another joint effort, with A Bathing Ape, the legendary Japanese streetwear brand, yielded a camo-and-shearling sneaker that rapper Lil Wayne modeled in ads.

Another great waterproof option with a bit more of a winter boot look and feel, the Adirondack style is a perfect choice. UGG Sneakers Cheap The duck boot style is trendy but timeless, while the waterproof DryTech finish is functional for the wet and cold months from now through the spring.

It?s a long way from their purple patch when UGG Sneakers</a were exclusively worn by celebrity men ?going through some bad stuff?. Who could forget the sight of a sad-looking Ben Affleck wearing them on set, Ronnie Wood stepping out in a black pair looking like an ASBO teen, or Leonardo DiCaprio wearing them with a purple velour onesie like some regional Prince tribute act? At that time, the many memes that existed (one simply stating: ?Uggs for men. No?) pivoted around ideas of masculinity.

Their resurgence has been surprising, because in a world of sturdy Red Wing boots or Colorado tan Caterpillars, there?s something flat about Men's/Women/s UGG Sneakers. ?It?s a reaction against the structured boot that?s become a staple of a man?s winter wardrobe,? thinks GQ columnist Justin Myers, aka The Guyliner. In the years since the Ugg was at its peak, the silhouette in men?s fashion has gone from pencil thin and tight to David Byrne-wide and expansive, and so it would make sense that as your trousers and coat get bigger, so too do your shoes.