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To begin talk to King Roald. An imp enjoys the king's crown, then teleports into the imp king's castle OSRS gold and provides it to the king who'd always wanted one. The king tells you to find the wizard at the peak of the magician tower, but the wizard wants 20 fire runes and 5 chaos runes to get a new spell he's been trying to make. They use melee and ranged but will not auto attack.

A guard asks you to get him 5 imp armours from the armory to correct since the king had asked him to but the area was too scary for the gate guard, so you fight a flame drone (lvl 36) and then you must search the chests for 5 imp armours. You have to fight 3 lvl 28 elite imp's in multicombat, then fight the imp king (lvl 40). Go back to varrock and speak to Roald.

I was bored so I re-did the pursuit since it was way to easy and the rewards were bad. The requirements would have the ability to battle a lvl 40 imp king and 20 attack.

Have you ever imagined sailing the huge seas of Gielnor, battling enormous sea monsters and fighting for glory, treasure and reputation? This is the topic for you. Runescape is going to be changed forever by the skill of sailing: a tie-in with structure. Creating your ship is the very first thing to do, then you can paddle with your buddies while fishing or create a battleship large enough to devour sea monsters and destroy your enemies. Let's start describing.

As soon as you put in your ship at a dock, you will enter your ship and it will Rs 2007 gold be much like going into your home except for inputting a paddleboat. As soon as you enter a paddleboat, you do not require a certain level of sailing to control it. There will be a dock where you're. Right after that, your ship is in the port. Should you go back or on two squares by simply clicking the water, then you won't be in the portexactly the same with if you click to the left or right.